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Building Data Acquistion for Facility Managment Purposes

  • Example
  • What we offer

    • In depth advice prior to the acquisition of the data
    • Surface Data
    • Volumetric Data
    • Alphanumeric Data
    • Floor plans
    • Elevations and Sections
    • The current building plans are updated
    • Surface calculations according to the appropriate norms
    • Open system data transfer
    • 3D Model of the Building
    • A viewer for presentation purposes

    What you would expect

    • High precision thanks to modern surveying instrumentation
    • Minimum disruption to your business operations
    • Complete 3D capture
    • Extremely short data acquisition times
    • Data transfer into every CAFM-System
    • Even large projects can be realised in a short time period

    Our prices reflect our ability to capture data efficiently. We would gladly prepare you an individual fixed price quotation.

    Through the implementation of a building management system is the hope that the operating and administration costs will decrease and at the same time the value of the property will increase . The main cost factor by the implementation of a facility management system is the acquisition and integration of the relevant data. What data is relevant and how much effort is required for this acquisition?

    We can advise you prior to capturing the data regarding the most economical effective strategy.

    Building on our large base of project experience we are able to carry out surveys which start with determining a buildings form and its floor areas up to the 3D-Surveying of pipelines and complex structures. Complete and tailor made acquisition with diligence and precision is for us and our customers the prerequisite for the success of the facility management systems we establish or build upon.

    We have the required technology, needed to fufill the individual requirements of our customers.

    The capture of alphanumeric building data can be done together with the measurement of the building geometry or completely seperate. All data and building characteristics are captured object oriented. Areas in use or rented we determine using the appropriate norms or the named guidelines.

    It is important to us that we carry out the transfer and integration of the collected data into your system to the best of our ability, so that you can fufill your business aims.