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Measured Building Survey for Renovation and Maintenance purposes

  • Example
  • What we offer

    • Floor plans
    • Sections and elevations
    • Area and surface calculations
    • Deformation surveying
    • Building documentation
    • Data transferable into your CAD programme
    • 3D-Model with Viewer

    What you would expect

    • Short data acquistion times
    • Quick retrieval and preparation of the data
    • Minimum disruption to the users of the building
    • High precision thanks to modern surveying instruments
    • A 3D measured building survey

    Our prices reflect our ability to capture data efficiently.

    Prior to the renovation of an old or listed building appropriate data is required for planning purposes. In most cases old building plans are used. These normally do not represent the current state of the building. Even with simple apartment floor plans especially in old buildings one quickly realises the limitations of measurements taken by hand. With a varied number of surveying techniques it is possible for us to capture the building geometry economically and price effectively.

    We have well proven technological solutions at our disposal, that make it possible to carry out a measured building survey quickly and accurately.

    We are able to carry out a measured building survey efficiently and effectivley, regardless as to whether the rooms are in use or empty. Alongside measuring the building geometry we document all necessary room attributes of a building. Used and rented surfaces are calculated using the applicable norms. All data collected is suited to the customers requirements and structured so that it can be integrated into their CAD-System.

    A measured building survey with high accuracy and precision to favourable prices is for us and our customers a matter of course. We are able to offer you a wider spectrum of benefits. Thanks to our unique technology you will receive a 3D model of the data acquired and with the VITRUVIUS-Viewer it is possible to examine all geometric and alphanumeric data from this building model.