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A measured building survey has never been more efficient than with VITRUVIUS and VITAS and their use of the one-man total station concept.

VITAS requires a total station, a PocketPC and a suitable holder which is mounted onto the tripod, the tripod trolley is optional.

If you require instruments for a measured building survey, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you instantly usable packages with the appropriate configured hard- and software to very attractive prices.

Total station

The VITRUVIUS and VITAS software is most effective when used in conjunction with a reflectorless total station that has a visible laser.
Meanwhile all major manufacturers produce similiar instruments. A number of suitable instruments you can find here


VITAS uses the many advantages of a PocketPC over a laptop for surveying. Each PocketPC, has either a serial interface or integrated Bluetooth, for connection with a total station
We offer you ready-to-use packages which combines VITAS with different PocketPCs and a suitable holder. We provide a selection of PocketPCs are available here.

Tripod-trolley "Rollv"

To carry out a measured building survey a lot of stations are usually needed. The tripod-trolley "Rollv" accelerates the process of moving the instrument from station to station substantially. The levelling of the instrument by using the "Rollv" is minimized. Three lockable castors keep the total station very stable. The "Rollv" can be folded compactly for easy storage and transport.