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VITAS, the versatile software tool for measured building surveys runs on Pocket PCs using a Windows Mobile operating system. It is connected to the total station over a serial cable or via Bluetooth. With a Pocket PC you do not have to deal with the many disadvantages of a laptop in the field.

Why a PocketPC instead of a laptop?

long battery life It has a very long battery life Even with the Pocket PCs standard battery it is possible to work the entire day independent of a power source. Rechargeable batteries with a longer lifespan are also available for various PocketPCs.
Transflective display Transflective display The problem with laptops is that while surveying in the sun the bright light often makes it virtually impossible to see what is on the screen.
All Pocket PCs have a transflective display, which improves the visibility both in the dark and during direct sun exposure.
compact and lightweight Compact and lightweight Pocket PCs are lightweight and compact and can easily be fastened onto the tripod. Laptops usually use a second tripod this is not necessary with a pocketPC. The pen interface eases the use of the PocketPC whilst working in the field.
Low price Low price Last but not least compared to a laptop the costs of a Pocket PC are significantly lower. Suitable Pocket PCs start from 250 euro.

How do I use my PocketPC with a total station?

Connect total station with bluetooth In order to connect your Pocket PC wirelessly, we offer a special RS232 Bluetooth adapter, which you simply plug into the serial port of your total station.
If you prefer a cable connection we provide a CF-Adapter which adds a serial interface to your Pocket PC.
The pocket PC can be put into a holder, which is fastened to the tripod. The holder can also be adjusted.
We offer a special holder for most PocketPCs.

Ready-to-use packages

If you require a PocketPC we offer you two ready-to-use PocketPC packages which combines a PDA with installed VITAS, a serial connector cable and a suitable tripod holder.

Standard package FSC Loox C550

For the standard usage we offer the Fujitsu-Siemens Loox C550. This pocket PC can connect to the total station without an extra CF interface adapter.

FSC Loox C550

Display: 3,5" VGA (480x640)
Processor: XScale 520 MHz
System: Windows Mobile 5
Battery: 1200 mAh, removeable
Weight: 160 g
Interfaces: Bluetooth, WLAN, IrDA, SD-Card, USB-Cradle

Outdoor package Rugged RPDA

If you measure frequent outside, the outdoor package is recommended. The handheld is water proof and shock-resistant. I comes already with an built-in 3.000 mAh Powerakku. Hence, it is possible to increase the usage duration up to 12 hours and more.

Rugged PDA N560e Display: 3,5" VGA (480x640)
Processor: XScale 624 MHz
System: Windows Mobile 5
Battery: 3000 mAh, not removeable
Watertight/Dusttight: IP54
Weight: 240 g
Interfaces: Bluetooth, WLAN, IrDA, SD-Card, GPS, USB