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In the following we present three examples to you, what and how you measure with VITAS. VITAS is of course also suitable for many other applications.
Also is VITAS - although running on a PocketPC - powerful enough to handle very large projects - e.g. a measured building survey including >50000 points, hundreds stations and with serveral teams measuring.

Measuring a facade
The facade of a school building was measured. In particular the ashlar mansory areas had to be acquired very detailed. Approx. 5000 points were measured, whereby the drawing was created almost automatically in VITAS and the polylines of the ashlars did not have to be edited again.
For a better orientation a vertical plane of each facade was measured at the beginning. This plane was selected as the plan view in VITAS. This makes a very good control of the measurements and later a 2D export of the elevation drawings possible.

Measuring an attic
The complete roof structure including the rafter system had to be surveyed. The measurement was accomplished by one person in 2 hours.
The position of the beams, girders and rafters was measured and then the beam dimensions were entered using a user defined attribute. This provided the automatic output of the dimensions for each element as text in the CAD system.
To output the longitudinal and cross sections as twodimensional DXF files appropriate planes were defined on site.

Road measurement
A site plan of a road crossing a village with the buildings close to the road were surveyed in 3D. The surveying was done partly reflectorless, partly with prism rod. For creating the station net the VITAS function traverse was used. The task took approx. 6 hours with 2 persons.
Since in VITAS any geometry is available automatically in 3D, beside the site plan a 3D digital terrain model (DTM) (the road has a downward gradient) including building models could be generated easily from the measured data. The model is used for visualization purposes.