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  • Available geometric elements:
    • Points
    • Lines
    • Polylines
    • Arcs
    • Circles
    • Rectangles
  • Creation of Polygons
  • Corners - The corners of a room are calculated using linear intersections, from points measured on the walls
  • Colour - each element can be assigned a colour
  • Height indication points - measured points are written in DXF together with their current height as text.
  • With a user defined attribute catalog the recording of structured alphanumeric data is possible. Specific attributes can be assigned to each polyline object.
  • Automatic calculation of areas, height and perimeter and export e.g. as room stamp
  • Folders - can be created for organizing and grouping elements
  • DXF-interface - enables the user to exchange geometry with any CAD programme in 2D and 3D
  • Measurements - it is possible to check distances, lengths, widths, heights and angles
  • Rotate drawing - the drawing can be aligned at an axis
  • Assignment of a basis height at any time possible

Surveying functions

  • Connects to a total station via Bluetooth or a serial port
  • Surveying methods:
    • Reflectorless point measurement
    • Point measurement using a prism - for surveying outdoors
    • Plane section method - The point is calculated using angle values at an intersection with a defined plane
    • Projection onto a plane
    • Forward section method - an inaccesible point is determined with angle measurements from two stations
    • Hidden Point - Easily measure points that are not directly visible by using a hidden point rod with 2 prisms.
  • Station connection through
    • Free stationing
    • Traverse
    • Positioning over a known point
  • Displays the residuals in relation to the last station, with the possibility to turn known points on and off to improve the accuracy of the station
  • Stake-out using imported DXF files. Stake-out single points on site
  • Enter control points directly as coordinates
  • Able to export coordinates so that they can be used for photogrammetry
  • Large projects using several teams can be connected through the use of common known points

Distance measurements

  • Creates a drawing on-site with measured lengths. Efiicient work with provided CAD functions such as measuring diagonal, extend lines, rectangle, insert ledges into existing polylines.
  • NEW Polylines can be moved, copied and mirrored.
  • Wireless transfer of measured lengths from a bluetooth laser distancer (e.g. Leica DISTO D8) to the drawing or as alphanumeric data. The cursor can be controlled from the distancer as well.
  • NEW A nearly full control of the graphic from the distancer is possible e.g. change of direction, pen on/off etc.


  • Runs on PocketPCs using a Windows Mobile operating system
  • runs on notebooks, netbooks etc. with Windows XP,Vista, 7
  • Visual control of the survey network and the obtained data
  • Possible to switch between a graphic plan view and a 3D view
  • Dynamic zoom and pan and rotation
  • Support of high resolution PDA displays (VGA) - quadruple resolution of the geometry display
  • Administration of all elements in the folder view
  • Context sensitive help function