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You think VITAS could fit your needs, but you want to have a closer look?
Request here a test version of VITAS using this form.

Software Demo

The VITAS version for desktop PC you get free of charge. The software runs at the fixed resolution of a QVGA PocketPC (240x320). There a no functional restrictions except that you can measure only 50 points.

Software Demo kit including PDA

To test VITAS on a PocketPC you can request a demo kit which you can use for 14 days. The demo kit includes a PocketPC with installed VITAS, a serial connection card and a tripod holder. This VITAS version has no functional restrictions. The fee for the demo kit amounts to EUR 100 excl. VAT and is taken into account with purchase during or immediately after the test period (1 month).
The data measured during the test period you can be used freely. During the test period you have access to use our telephone support.